Kym Martin, MBA, CNC, CFT, 4x Cancer Survivor
Patient Experience Expert · Speaker · Advisor
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Cancer is my career. I am a 30-year, 4x cancer survivor. I have endured four unique cancer diagnoses through three distinct stages of life and opted for three different treatment paths to manage my disease. With each new decade and diagnosis, came a greater degree of patient "wisdom".  

I publicly share my personal story at healthcare meetings and conferences or work closely with clients to pay forward the vast array of insights, workarounds and "wisdom" that I learned in order to proactively manage my healthcare and self-care needs. My cancer journey traverses many paths and is a vehicle for (1) healthcare stakeholders to understand the complex patient with greater acuity and integrate seasoned feedback into their organizations and for (2) patients to proactively assume greater responsibility for their health.

My key areas of concentration as a Speaker or Advisor include: 

Health and HIT Advocacy
Patient-Centric Strategy
Integrative Care Strategy
Cancer Survivorship
Personal Wellness 
Insurance Strategy

As an authentic speaker, my presentations cater to each specific audience I have the privilege of addressing. No two presentations are the same. My personal stories illuminate pivotal elements of the patient experience while my Master's Degree in Business Administration, expertise in software solutions Business Development and dual certifications in wholistic nutrition and fitness broaden my views on patient engagement strategies.  
As an Advisor, I convey the value of creating a culture of empathy and integrating seasoned patient feedback across the organization. My experiences help "personalize" and elevate the impact of each person's role in the organization on the patients and families they serve, as well as insight and enhance the success of products or services.

Thank you for taking a few moments to enjoy an interview filmed by Gregg Masters on improving the patient experience from Health Datapalooza 2013 by clicking on the image below.

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